Davinci Resolve 15.1.2 обновление + BRAW 12:1

24 октября 2018

Компания Blackmagic Design недавно выпустила новое обновление для DaVinci Resolve 15. Последняя версия на данный момент 15.1.2 В программе были исправлены ряд багов. Улучшен запуск программы на Windows с CUDA исправлены проблемы связанные с регистром томов жесткого диска.

Так же улучшена работа с Open FX, BLACKMAGIC RAW, работа с цветом стало более стабильная.

Исправления и улучшения в программе

  • where starting DaVinci Resolve would cause a crash on some CUDA enabled Windows laptops with integrated graphics
  • where the viewer would flash between video and data levels during playback on some systems running on CUDA
  • where the Delete Through Edit context menu option would incorrectly be shown for all edit points on the Edit page
  • where re-conforming clips with remote grades would sometimes cause a crash in collaborative projects
  • where dragging an audio clip into audio track layers would sometimes cause a crash in the Edit page
  • where dragging an audio clip with no mapped channels into the timeline would cause a crash
  • where track mute controls would sometimes show an incorrect automation state on the Edit page
  • where copying clips in the Fairlight page would sometimes cause a crash
  • where incorrect audio formats would be shown for muted audio tracks in the Deliver page
  • where Fusion comps with the paint tool applied would sometimes result in the first frame being black
  • where RGBA images would not be processed premultiplied when using some OpenFX plugins
  • where applying stabilization on video clips with odd resolutions would cause a crash
  • where source render cache would not be preserved when applying grades from stills or other clips
  • where adding a ResolveFX node to a clip during playback in the Color page would display a critical exception
  • with the DCDM (P3D65 Limited) IDT in ACES 1.1 projects
  • where trimming some MP4 clips using media management would not succeed
  • when rendering to QuickTime ProRes 4444 where the output would sometimes have chroma overflow artefacts
  • where the ISO selection would sometimes incorrectly be hidden when using RAW clips
  • where playing back some smartphone clips captured in portrait mode would cause a crash
  • where rendering Sony clips with Japanese file names using source filename would not work correctly on Windows
  • where the Photon validation options for IMF packages would not be displayed when Java Development Kit version 11 was installed
  • stability in remote grading sessions when the client machine had live save enabled
  • running DaVinci Resolve on case-sensitive drive volumes on Mac

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