Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta 2 - доступна для скачивания

27 апреля 2018

Теперь Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 15 Beta 2 доступна для скачивания. Скачать

По традиции, в новой бета-версии, произошли ряд улучшений, они коснулись всего - улучшена работа со со звуком, повышена общая стабильность работы в Windows и много всего интересного.

- Sound libraries can now also be created on Resolve Disk Databases.
- Improved:
  - subtitles with basic support for HTML text formatting;
  - support for audio playback for clips with variable speed changes;
  - memory usage when using Gaussian Blur in the Fusion page;
- Updated live preview in LUT Browser to apply the LUT on the current node.
- Addressed the following issues/fixed bugs:
  - where loading an old project backup and switching timelines would sometimes crash
  - where setting a custom cache path would sometimes fail to back up the project correctly
  - where the shortcut for Import Media would not work correctly
  - where hovering on a filmstrip in a floating Media Pool bin would not perform the live preview
  - where copying clips with cross fades would sometimes cause a crash
  - where typing period or comma in timecode entry would incorrectly result in edit operations on Mac
  - with the in point when importing timelines with edits with large speed changes
  - where replacing a clip in the Media Pool would not update the clip name correctly
  - where exiting Cinema mode would sometimes incorrectly reset the position of the main application window
  - where navigating clips, keyframes or markers in the Edit page would result in an audio preview of the frame
  - when adding a Text+ title to the timeline and enabling video field processing
  - where some Fusion comp clips would show incorrect frame previews when cached
  - where switching to the Fusion page would result in a crash on certain macOS systems
  - when adding an EXR with a custom channel to the Fusion page
  - where previewing title templates in dual screen layouts would behave incorrectly
  - inconsistent defaults for vertical alignment anchor in the Text3D tool in the Fusion page a crash when render caching a node and enabling video field processing
  - where OpenFX applied inside a compound node would not be persisted correctly
  - where it was possible to change OpenFX parameters in a locked node
  - where Cleanup Node Graph would result in incorrect spacing
  - where FairlightFX plugins could not be accessed on Linux
  - where the Noise Reduction FairlightFX plugin could not be accessed on Windows
  - where moving audio tracks up or down would not retain the audio scroller selection
  - where the Normalize Audio Levels dialog could not be invoked from some clips in the Fairlight page
  - where certain USB audio output devices would not be recognized on macOS
  - where automation on 2D Pan would alter the Front/Back positions
  - where the timeline timecode would not be sent correctly over SDI on the Fairlight page
  - where dragging a clip from the Media Pool to the Fairlight timeline would sometimes create an additional audio track
  - where applying certain audio effects on a clip would result in glitches at the end of the clip
  - where changes in the Fairlight page would sometimes not be persisted in a collaboration project
  - where changing the clip name in Clip Attributes window would not reflect on the Fairlight timeline
  - where DCP folders with multiple clips would not be decoded correctly
- General performance and stability improvements.

Изменений очень много, так что имеет смысл поставить и попробовать!

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